Spritual World

Spiritual world is not different from the existing world. Sritualism is a practice . It can be a Japa, Tapa, dhyan (Meditation) , Puja (Worship). Human being generally does the spiritual practice for the fulfilment of some desire. A few people come out the greediness & practice for the self realization. But the actual result of the spiritualism is shoonya ( zero) i.e. released themselves from all greed. Some people think that after the retirement from the job, there is nothing to do. But there is lot to do to achieve in the spiritual world. But, in spiritual journey ,one has to walk alone. Spritual path does not mean running away from the responsibilities. It will not only increase the efficiency but also walk with number of people. Self inner become peaceful, pure & clear.

Silence is the medium of spiritual path. Silence heals. It gives the depth to think & rejuvenates. It slows down the vibrations of out side. Hence, peace is establish .self becomes more clear about the origin of peace.

Spiritual path is a path of undefined beautiful path to achieve self inner consciousness.






Positivity – A Art of Living

I am starting this blog to spread postivity  among all including human being, animals & even plants. What we think, we receive. This is fundamental of life.

It is about harmony among all; away from cast, colour, country, religion, language, society & barriers. It is about to make beast a friend. It is about to spread love & affection in environment. People, animals & Plants may feel the freshness. It is about the enlightenment of self. Every body on mother earth to serve some purpose. We need to discover it for the benefit of all living beings. It is about to live a healthy, blissful life & die in peace.